Sunday, December 16, 2007


So, just as I vowed to post at least every other day, the internet went down and it took BT the ripe old time of 8 days to deliver a new router...nasty little people.

This week has been an odd juxtaposition of busy and quiet; work was quiet and filled with training courses on Monday/Tuesday, exploded with hectic activity on Wednesday and Thursday - by Friday I had nothing to do...well at least my Christmas cards have finally been designed and printed (I knew I needed some quiet time at work for something useful...)

On Friday night, myself, Mrs Landlady, T, The Others and He went out for drinks in town, after He finally arrived an hour late and we joined the rest of my house in town. The Others were being predictably grumpy and left fairly early - Mrs Landlady and T went off to see friends on their own, giving me and He time to chat. And we had a lovely time. He complimented me on my dress sense, telling me I'm the best and most original dressed he knows and that I'm tres cool. All things that are going to make me smile - flatter gets you miles with me.

Christmas presents have finally been bought - Stu had better love the present I got him, due to the hell I had to go through to get it - there will be severe words if he doesn't... Plus I managed to find Mum a good present, not what she wanted but comparable.

Only 2 downers at the moment - I broke the beautiful bracelet Mum gave me from Egypt and I still haven't dry cleaned my silk dress for Christmas - MUST remember to take it in this week and get the pliers out

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Thursday, December 06, 2007


So I've been bad and I've not updated my blog in ages, but to be honest nothing special enough is happening in my life really - I tend to whinge a lot on this blog, it's my outlet for boredom and unhappiness at times, but right now things are going so well. Maybe I shouldn't count my chickens before they've hatched - but the house is good - I have a remarkably good friendship with my housemates, I've got a great job that I love, and a social life that suits me fine.

Oh and I'm getting a pay rise and a promotion.

Exact dates for the promotion are not set in stone - I'm not allowed under company rules to be promoted until at least 6 months with the company but this week in my end of year review my boss told me it's not a matter of if, more a matter of when. The only thing that would stop me getting it would be if I fuck up royally, and *crossed fingers* I'm doing ok.

I'm supposed to be starting the French lessons tonight but an age old student behaviour has kicked back in - I'm putting it off by doing anything to avoid it! I will start it tonight tho (I have online learn as you go lessons)

The weekend was spent at home, or rather at Ikea getting things sorted for my new room at home - since moving out on a more permanent basis than uni, my room has been converted into my parent's office, but only on the condition that the redecoration of the new room would be under my supervision.

And it's gonna be awesome.

The Mothership is also coming over this weekend for a relaxing Sunday away from home - better stay away from the shops tho, far too busy for my liking.

Oh and did I tell you a perk of my keep myself fresh and creative I'm expected to go out on gallivanting days out to fun places to gain new ideas - tomorrow I'm on an all expenses paid trip to the rest of the London museums I'm on a mission to see!

There's only one downside to my life at the moment. He is away and I miss his company, although He's been emailing me while he's been away. He's a good companion for museum fun and general silliness, plus I actually like him as a person (reasonably rare for me to find people I don't just think are rather idiotic...)
Well He'll be back soon, and I hope He's missed me too...

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Thursday, November 22, 2007


There's something not right today. I couldn't shake the feeling all day and I've not figured out what it is for sure but I have a feeling it might be something to do with a touch of loneliness. I still don't have proper friends down here, although each day I am growing closer to more people; spending time with CT last weekend showed us we have lots in common, even if at work we're stilted around each other, and the French students have taken me under their wing - we're having dinner tomorrow night and a trip to London on Saturday; plus Mrs Landlady and T have welcomed me into their lives with the warmth of the 2 wine buffs they are.

But I miss Julia and Tegan sorely, their presence in my life is a soothing balm of reciprocal level headed mothering, support and friendship

I guess I'm saying I want a constant in my life, other than myself (let's face it I'm unreliable for company)

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I've finally resorted to looking less fabulous - I'm just too cold at work to go without either a huge jumper, or a long sleeved t-shirt under my pretty tops. I just need to be warm. So somehow I've got to find a glamourous alternative, that doesn't involve sitting in my beautiful frock coat...


I'm still listening to the mix tape - 16 hours of music in short bursts takes a while to wade through, I've been delighted with all the artists but feel distinctly like I'm out of touch with good music - I've always counted myself as an indie chick; worn the badge proudly and unbendingly dedicated myself to digging out cool new indie bands. Only now I'm starting to feel ashamed of my arrogance - I'm loving the "electronica" on this tape, and the jazz I've seen recently. I should be branching out, only I don't know where to begin - I've ignored all these other types of music for so long, years.

Time to expand my horizons...talking of which French lessons are starting soon...

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Mix Tape

He made me a mix tape, and apart from being filled with tracks I adore but had never heard before (a hard task to achieve), it's incredibly sweet and retro cool.


And he's reminded me how much I love Elbow, which must be a good thing.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007


This week has been good, and no late nights either! However I have a feeling that I'll be working late this week coming up - bummer!
On Wednesday night, I had the delightful privilege of being invited to a French birthday party, having perfected my party etiquette over the years, I arrived on time, with presents for the hostess, and an arrival gift. Unfortunately I have perfected my English etiquette, and felt that I fell short of the mark. Despite this, the evening was funny, with witty insights to English life provided by the Spanish and French among us; and we all discovered that men are just as much a mystery in any country, as they are here, although surprisingly the girls reckon English men are easier to read...(maybe they're just more well versed in the technique of flirting than the English girls assembled)

Friday night was the big dinner, and a good time was had. Having left work at 11.45, CT and I headed over to the train station, only to see the train departing...he was man faffing. Anyway once we were on our way the journey to London slipped by easily and we repaired to M&S at Paddington for food. On from there we made it to the hotel, despite me forgetting to bring my A-Z and poorly provided directions on the behalf of CT, I'm ashamed to say that he actually managed to spot the hotel before me, putting my directional abilities to shame (first man I've met who can do this mind you...!)

We had a tense few minutes checking in, when only 1 room could be found, all due to his very confusing double barrelled surname, but thankfully after a lot of explanation 2 rooms were produced! He even had the cheek to suggest that I could sleep on the sofa; although I had previously suggested he could sleep in the bath so maybe his offer wasn't that nasty after all.

Having arrived so early to the hotel, I managed a 2 hour nap before getting into my glad rags and heading down to our drinks reception, where we met CK and her fiancée (F), and I promptly discovered myself to be highly allergic to CK's perfume - from then on I had to stay at least 3m from her at all times, which was a shame.

On arriving at the Hall for the do, CT and I couldn't help but giggle endlessly about the funny names we could provide to the announcer on our entrance, but we chickened out at the last minute, which was a slight relief upon entering the room to find at least 500 people staring at the entrance... The dinner itself was interesting, many pleasant people, a 70 year old woman with an Amy Winehouse inspired beehive, the Ceremony of the Loving Cup (there's innuendo in there somewhere) and the waiter pouring cream sauce over the entire front of my plum silk dress (I'm not sure if the dry cleaner will be able to get it out, but here's to hoping!).

Our company also cleaned up at the awards, gaining 15 of the 28 prizes and winning the "Best in Show" award, so we went onwards with much hilarity to Ronnie Scott's, where we had the entire of the front floor to ourselves, and were able to be seating within a metre of my new hero. Curtis Stigers was out of this world, truly amazing, the songs were hypnotic, and beautiful, and as a jazz vocalist he was awe inspiring. We all had an excellent time and sat up drinking hard core cocktails until 3, when we where kicked out and headed home to the hotel, which upon arrival was proved to be still open. Needless to say I didn't get to bed until 5am, and was awake with sleeplessness at 6.30.

Having dragged myself down to the dinning hall with CT, CK and F for a hearty breakfast, CT and I headed off to the National Portrait Gallery for the Pop Art exhibition and Tate Modern for the new installation which I don't know the name of but is essentially a giant crack in the floor. CT reaffirmed himself as the King of Innuendo and we wondered round taking arty photos of the floor, and comedy photos of us pretending to be giants and cracking the floor. Much fun. (Photos coming soon to a Facebook account near you...)

We also hunted out WHAM! by Lichtenstein to finish off the Pop Art tour, before heading home (after a miss directed wonder through St Paul's gardens and me stepping in a puddle and completely soaking my right foot - which CT paid for later by rubbing it in that he had warm dry feet, when I playfully punched him and left the most enormous bruise...)

Having finally driven home and arrived at 8pm, I had some dinner and was in bed by 9pm...

Good times.

I've still got to go to British Museum, and the Dome for Tutankhamen, and Terracotta Warriors, but I couldn't get tickets. I'm also saving couture at V&A for another trip, plus finishing the Portrait Gallery, and the National Gallery - not to mention a visit to the Globe and doing the Barbican...

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


A full week has passed since I last blogged, and it really doesn't seem like it should have done!

Work is full-on and challenging, but I'm getting there, and I'm also learning to say no to new projects, not least until I've finished some of the ones I've started. Needless to say I've been working late and enjoying working late (it reminds me of the endless nights at uni, working through until midnight before collapsing into bed). I haven't been working that excessively hard, but still, it's enough. Consequently I'm battling tiredness in that endless way I seem to do, but managing ok.

The weekend was spent scouring the shops for a dress, shoes and accessories for the dinner on Friday night - resulting in a delightful aubergine number from Ted Baker's outlet store in Swindon, and an enormous quantity of money spent in Accessorize.

I've also decided to see something in London on the Saturday as I'm there - I'm thinking Pop Art at the National Portrait Gallery, or a visit to The Tate, as I've only ever been to Tate Modern. Obviously this is all hangover dependant...

Friday night itself is shaping up to be very exciting; a range of pre drinks with several customers, private transport to and from the dinner, and we're going to the very prestigious Ronnie Scott's jazz club to see Curtis Stigers. I'm well excited, innit. (Plus I get a half day off as the pre-drinks start mid afternoon...I'll be on the ProPlus then...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Whilst discussing top and tailing with friends during bed shortages (eg after a night out, between moving house), a colleague and ex-uni mate pronounces she'll never top and tail with me.

Shocked, and mildly surprised, I protest at the top of my voice and in the middle of the office...

" But I'm AWESOME in bed"

I'm never gonna live that down...